Since the dams were put in place on the Deschutes River to create Crane Prairie and Wickiup Reservoirs, our beloved Deschutes River has been managed for the primary purpose of irrigation. In the years before these barriers were put in place the free flowing river allowed for healthy populations of fish and wildlife to thrive in this wonderful area.
The water is managed for irrigation and at times has left fish stranded in side channels. In 2013 we had an event such as this occur very close to town and it polarized the community on this issue. Since this event, many meetings have been held at the highest level of stakeholders in the area to address the issue. While there is no consensus on a long term solution that will be mutually beneficial to the entire community and stakeholders, it is encouraging that the conversations are occurring.
While these meetings continue and creative solutions are presented to limit our impact on the fisheries, the least we can do is take time to help move these fish when the water gets too low for life to be sustained.
To that end - if you sign up below to receive emails specifically about this effort, you are joining with other like minded members of the community.
It is our hope to have at least 10 volunteers each day that we need to make this effort.
Please indicate what part you would like to help us with and we will contact you with specific dates when they become available.
Gabe Parr
Bend Casting Club Founder

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