Bend Fly Fishing Festival - Press Release

March 17, 2014
Contact: Gabe Parr, Bend Casting Club,
Bend Fly Fishing Festival Debut
Bend Casting Club to host a festival celebrating Fly Fishing on April 19, 2014
(BEND, Ore.)— The Bend Casting Club announced this week that it is holding the Bend Fly Fishing Festival at Wille Hall located on the COCC Campus on April 19, 2014 from 10am-4pm.
The purpose of the Festival is to bring the lifestyle of the fly fishing community to the broader general public at a unique venue; driving messages of education and awareness regarding the sport of fly fishing, the art of the creative people involved with it, the conservation community engaged in activities forwarding the stewardship of the resources, while fostering fun activities and memories which these activities create.
Films will highlight the ethic of conservation, the programs and projects local and regional organizations are performing to enhance and protect our water, along with some great films showcasing our waters supplied by local filmmakers at Catch Magazine and Mountain Made Media.
There will be opportunities to learn the techniques of tying flies and casting fly rods, along with areas indoor and outdoor to participate in both of these activities first hand from local tiers and casting instructors.
Alongside all of this there will be local artists sharing their mediums including illustration, carving, and filmmaking. As well, we will be putting together a showcase of the history of the modern fly angler with a place to see how things have evolved over the years with this activity.
During this program we will also have a raffle and small auction including items furnished by Patagonia, Simms, TFO, Jeremy Koreski Photography, and more!
About Bend Casting Club:
Bend Casting Club is a component of the local Deschutes Chapter of Trout Unlimited and is a registered 501c(3) nonprofit organization. For more information, contact Gabe Parr at, Kyle Schenk at, or visit Bend Casting Club on Facebook at You can also get more information by heading over to

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